Welcome to the FA Radio Group – Home of the FA Radio Group Network of Internet Radio Stations.

Our current network of stations includes:

Flashback Alternatives – The Past, Present, and Future of Classic Alternative Music!

Founded in 1999, Flashback Alternatives is one of the oldest Classic Alternative radio stations on the internet with an eclectic mix of Classic Alternative favorites, deep cuts, rarities, and the obscure from the 70s, 80s, 90s as well as more recent cuts that keep the Classic Alternative spirit alive. With our music library approaching 50,000 tracks, all requestable through our real-time request system, you are sure to find a favorite track or one you never knew existed.

Flashback Shack – Your Home for the Best in Classic Alternative Music!

Our newest station, Flashback Shack, focuses on your favorite Classic Alternative music without track overkill.

Digital 80s – Where the Heart of Retro Alternative Lives!

Curated Classic Alternative tracks by DJ Paolo, you’ll find a mix of the familiar and the obscure with an emphasis on rare mixes.